Goat Farming at PLC

Last month, PLC received an invitation from Malaysian Care to send trainees to participate in a 2-day goat rearing training program at Ladang MCare, Chendering, Perak.

Three of our residents attended to gain further knowledge for our wonderful goat farm, and we are very happy to share that they all completed the course successfully!

In addition to learning and successfully completing the course, our residents also discovered the importance of registering our goat rearing project with the local veterinary department.  As a result, our wonderful goat farm got a special visit from our local veterinarians last week!

The brilliant veterinarians came to visit PLC’s farm to check up on our beloved animals, help give some medicine and provide helpful advice.

After their visit, the doctors said that all of our lovely goats are doing very well and that they will be getting follow up checkups every 3 to 6 months.  We’re very happy to hear the good news!

The very helpful and knowledgeable veterinarians all provide this service for free as part of their program.  So we thank them for giving their wonderful service and helping us make sure all our beloved goats stay healthy and well.


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