Monthly Bible Sharing

Today, we are very proud and happy to share the amazing work that the wonderful people from the Good Shepherd Church do for Positive Living Community.

For the past year, several members of the Good Shepherd Church have been tirelessly visiting our center every month to do wonderful services for our residents. They come and help create a community/family like environment to help our residents open up and become more familiar and closer to themselves, and to each other. They do this mainly by sharing the good teachings of the Bible and through reflections by sharing stories, singing, writing, talking about experiences, among many other wonderful activities. They’ve even done some multiple day camps to create a more effective impact.

All of these works are part of the healing process that helps our residents go through the ups and downs of recovery and hopefully help them become a better person. And it’s working very well that some of our residents are even asking if they can come every week!

So we would like to thank the wonderful people of the Good Shepherd Church, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the amazing and hard work that they do for our residents.


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