A Little Pilgrimage

After more than a year of challenging work, the kind and wonderful people of Good Shepherd Church were finally able to bring some of our residence to a pilgrimage at a humble Christian church in Rawang, named St. Jude. Through their continuous good and hard work, the remarkable members of the Good Shepherd Church are finally making an impact in our center, and we are now seeing the fruits of their wonderful labor.

One of the long-time and hardworking members of Good Shepherds, Mrs. Catherine Thong said “this is the first time we see them dressing up so neatly… I don’t even recognize them.” And indeed we are seeing improvements from our residence, not just by appearance. Since their monthly visits began, more and more are opening up or becoming more helpful and friendlier to one another. All of this is helping our residence find peace, bringing many of them closer to themselves or each other, creating a sense of ‘family’ in our center, and hopefully towards a better long lasting recovery.

For all their tireless and continuous work at our center, we want to thank once again all the wonderful people of Good Shepherd Church and we want to wish them all the best for the good things that they do.


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