Christmas Holiday at PLC

It’s Christmas holiday once again here at Positive Living Community. Many gifts and blessing were given and received, as many came to visit and provided wonderful services to our residence.

One of our favorite helpers, the Good Shepherd Church, came and had a wonderful Christmas party at our center. It was a great day full of good food, music and fun activities such as newspaper costume making, modeling contest, and ‘egg drop’. These activities were not only fun, but also helped our residence develop or learn about team work, while reflecting and showing how thankful they are for the past year.

We are truly thankful for all the wonderful people that came and helped our center, not just this Christmas holiday season, but in all of 2014. We feel blessed for all your hard work, kindness and generosity, and without you our center and residence will not be the same. As our director said, because of your help, many of our residence can have a breakthrough and “realize that they too can smile.  They too can feel happy.  They too can laugh.”

So we sincerely thank you once again for making this year a wonderful and memorable time for us!


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