An Inspiring Story

This wonderful story began with an inspiring event that came from our need to find some fruit and vegetables for our kitchen. As the number of our residence grow, food has become one of the most essential things that we always look for.

To help us, one of the members of Good Shepherds Church had a wonderful idea of bringing leaflet advertisements to the wet market and appeal for any unwanted fruits or vegetables. So after some preparation, the volunteers, along with some of our residents, went to the market and gave away some leaflets, asking vendors for any excess produce that they can’t sell or would be willing to give away.

Vegetable Donation 4aSadly, none of the vendors responded to our volunteers and they were simply asked to go away. It seemed for a little while, that this is as far as they could go. However they didn’t give up. Instead, our volunteers thought of a humble idea to ask for vegetables spilled on the floor. Nothing happened at first, but after time has passed, one vendor finally agreed, so all our volunteers started asking other vendors as well for their spilled vegetables, either good or bad.

Afterwards, they’ve picked up so much that it was enough to fill two huge bags! One of our residence was so happy and surprised that they were able to gather so many just by asking excess from the floor. It could be enough for all the residence and animals at our center for one day.

Seeing our volunteers pick up vegetables from the floor, one stall owner took notice and gave a couple of fresh cabbages from his table. He said he can’t sold them anyway. When this occurred, something wonderful happened next – other stall owners also started giving away their unsold vegetables (not just the ones on the floor). Then to our amazement, more and more stall owners followed. Even unsold fishes were donated, cleaned and cut by the vendors themselves!

Vegetable Donation 6a   Vegetable Donation 8a
Our volunteers were so amazed as this was so much more than they have originally hoped for. Soon enough, they started preparing to go home. But this story doesn’t end here just yet.

Vegetable Donation 3aThe last stall our volunteers visited was Air Panas stall, owned by Mr. Lim. Mr. Lim initially gave 3-4 boxes of vegetables, which was already so much that after giving thanks, our volunteers began preparations to leave. However, our center’s van was having overheating problems again and was going to be delayed. While the volunteers waited, Mr. Lim started asking questions about our center. But the more he learned about PLC, the more boxes of vegetables Mr. Lim gave away. In the end, he ended up giving 30-40 boxes from the original 3-4 that he donated! Not only that, Mr. Lim also told the volunteers to come back every week because as he will be donating more vegetables to our center from now on. This was truly an amazing day, something that we could have never imagined.

When our old van finally arrived, we had so much donation that we could barely fit everything , even the driver seat was overflowing with vegetables. Our center never had this much produce before. We had so much that we were even able to donate some to another wonderful center in Rawang.

Vegetable Donation 2a   Vegetable Donation 1a
We truly feel blessed and it’s an honor to be helped by all these wonderful people, especially Mr. Lim. We are also thankful to have this amazing opportunity. It was really an unbelievable and incredible experience, to be able to help and be helped at the same time. We are really grateful to receive all of these blessing.

So finally we wanted to give everyone our biggest thank you for continuing to believe and for supporting us. Without you and all your amazing hard work, our center would not be the same, and we’re very glad that we now have more chance to continue helping those in need.


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