Our Mission

Our mission is to provide shelter, loving care, treatment and support to people who have been rejected or had become homeless due to:

  • HIV and AIDS
  • Drug or Alcohol addiction

There are very few places that offer assistance to people affected by these illnesses. The Positive Living Community is one of the few centers that provides free treatment, shelter and support to these patients, including to those who have developed psychiatric conditions and various forms of disabilities due to their illness.

Our History

The home was established in 1997 by Mr. Alex Arokiam in collaboration with the Drugs & Aids Ministry of the National Office for Human Development, under the directorship of Br. Anthony Rogers fsc.

It was a time when many homeless patients with AIDS were dying in the back lanes of the city as there wasn’t a single shelter (government or private) that was willing to accept persons with AIDS.  Stigma, prejudice & discrimination of victims of HIV and AIDS were widespread.

Most of them were also suffering from drug addiction and in need of treatment so that they can free themselves and attend to their other illnesses.

This unused farmhouse in Batu Arang was converted to admit and care for homeless persons with HIV and AIDS and became one of our first shelter.

In 2002, the center’s efforts were recognized and appreciated by the French Foreign Mission.  Since then, they have supplied our home with volunteer nurses and helped us provide excellent nursing care to deal with the many complications endured by our patients.

In our first 10 years of operation, when treatment for HIV and AIDS was not available in Malaysia, more than 120 persons in the AIDS stage were admitted for palliative care and died peacefully, in a homely environment that offered tender loving care.