Positive Living Community


This wonderful story began with an inspiring event that came from our need to find some fruit and vegetables for our kitchen. As the number of our residence grow, food has become one of the most essential things that we always look for. Read More


It’s Christmas holiday once again here at Positive Living Community. Many gifts and blessing were given and received, as many came to visit and provided wonderful services to our residence.

One of our favorite helpers, the Good Shepherd Church, came and had a wonderful Christmas party at our center. It was a great day full of good food, music and fun activities such as newspaper costume making, modeling contest, and ‘egg drop’. These activities were not only fun, but also helped our residence develop or learn about team work, while reflecting and showing how thankful they are for the past year. Read More

After more than a year of challenging work, the kind and wonderful people of Good Shepherd Church were finally able to bring some of our residence to a pilgrimage at a humble Christian church in Rawang, named St. Jude. Through their continuous good and hard work, the remarkable members of the Good Shepherd Church are finally making an impact in our center, and we are now seeing the fruits of their wonderful labor. Read More

Today, we are very proud and happy to share the amazing work that the wonderful people from the Good Shepherd Church do for Positive Living Community.

For the past year, several members of the Good Shepherd Church have been tirelessly visiting our center every month to do wonderful services for our residents. They come and help create a community/family like environment to help our residents open up and become more familiar and closer to themselves, and to each other. They do this mainly by sharing the good teachings of the Bible and through reflections by sharing stories, singing, writing, talking about experiences, among many other wonderful activities. They’ve even done some multiple day camps to create a more effective impact. Read More

After many months of hard work, our resident English and computer teacher Mr. Stefano Pazzaglia has finally put together a new computer lab for our center!

The computers in the lab are all made out of old, recycled and donated parts, and Mr. Pazzaglia worked tirelessly to put them together so that he may start teaching our residents some basic yet important computer skills.

And the computer lessons have already begun! So we want to thank Mr. Pazzaglia for all his amazing work and we wish our residents success in their computer learning.

We are so proud and happy to introduce Mr. Stefano Pazzaglia as our center’s new resident English and computer teacher!

Mr. Pazzaglia came from Italy and will be staying and working to help better our residents and community for the coming year!

We are very excited, so we wish Mr. Pazzaglia all the best in his work in our center, and thank him for the wonderful service that he is doing for our community.

It is with our great pleasure to share with you the wonderful work that Ms. Laskshmi Ganesh does for Positive Living Community.

Ms. Ganesh and her friends have been visiting our center every week to do amazing services for our residents. Every Friday morning, Ms. Ganesh helps lead a relaxing yoga class, which is followed by an open contemplative discussion. While this is happening, her friends would prepare and cook a wonderful breakfast meal in our kitchen for everyone in our center to enjoy. This gives our residents some needed relaxing and peaceful exercise, an avenue to express their thoughts and feelings, followed by a wonderful meal to help start their day. Read More

This week, Patrick Sta Maria, a trainer from Fondacio came to PLC and started a multiday leadership training for our residents.

The training covered many interesting leadership related topics such as self-awareness, past actions, taking responsibility and character change.  The session was very positive, fun, empowering and very interactive that lasted half a day and included music, video, singing and student participation, along with sharing of personal experiences.

We want to thank Patrick for his wonderful workshop and guidance, and we wish our residents all the best on their personal growth and development throughout and well after their training.