Our Services

Painless Withdrawal from Drug Addiction

We learned from the addicts in the street that many of them were weary of their addiction and wanted to quit but were deterred by the thought of going through the agonizing ‘cold turkey’ treatment, which was the only treatment offered by government and private rehab centers at that time.

In cooperation with doctors and knowledgeable social workers, we developed a simple medical approach for this withdrawal period. This user friendly and humane approach offers a free clinical treatment for a ‘painless withdrawal’, which many hardcore drug users availed themselves.  This is the method that we follow up to this day.

Nursing Care

The center’s efforts were recognized and appreciated by the French Foreign Mission and continuously supplied our center with a volunteer nurse.  They help us provide excellent nursing care to deal with the many complications endured by our patients.

Apart from providing nursing services, they also assisted our center’s director, Mr. Alex Arokiam to improve various aspects of our programs. All of this hard work helped our center become a better place for our residents.

Marc Rogez (pictured on the left), one of the previous French volunteers, had served our center for more than 9 years. During this time, he helped organized an in house clinic for our home and did outreach work among the refugee communities throughout Malaysia. He also helped raise funds and find volunteers in France to serve our center.

Access to Treatment & Healthcare

The life saving treatment for the infection by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), commonly known as HAART (Highly Active Anti Retroviral treatment) which until 3 years ago was beyond the affordability of most patients, is now given freely by government hospital.  However, to be eligible to receive this treatment, patients must have a stable life, free from drug and have an access to care and support from family or from a shelter home.

Homeless drug users with HIV and AIDS are referred to our home by hospital from all over the country, by social workers, drop in centers and outreach workers.  Here, they are helped to live a drug or alcohol free life  and access the life saving HAART treatment, which gives them a new lease on life.

Permanent Care of the Disabled

There are also those who will remain permanently disabled and in need of continuous support with managing their daily life.  While there are many public and private shelters for persons with disability, many of them are not willing to admit these disabled patients whose disabilities are due to AIDS.  Although we do not receive funds for the life long care of these patients, the home continues to accept and care for them.

 After care

Services 5With the medical care received by our patients from the dedicated doctors and nurses of the Sungai Buloh Hospital and the professional nursing care provided at the Positive Living Community home itself, most of the patients in the AIDS stage will recover.  After some time, they will no longer be in need of nursing care, but having no home or family to go back to, they will need to join our “After Care” program to avoid returning back to drugs.

Here they will learn vocational and living skills which will allow them to support themselves and re-enter society one day.  The Positive Living Organic Farm and Fish Farm are current examples of such after care programs.

 While these are the main features, there are many aspects of life at the home which cannot be described adequately. Here we are talking about what we have always cherished the most; the loving spirit and joyful ambiance which every day we try to offer our residents. You can only get a feel of this by paying us a visit for which you are most welcome at any time.